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Complex Assembly

assemblies_body (1) assemblies_body (1)Kemco excels at assembly for complex aerostructures. We understand that the success of an assembly process requires that every component is on time and ready when the line calls for it.

Our fully integrated ERP system tracks each component of the assembly, whether internally manufactured or externally sourced, and tracks each step in the assembly process, thereby guaranteeing that potential problems are identified early and addressed quickly. This internal process management, coupled with our strong supply base and supplier management processes, ensures that our assembly lines flow smoothly and on time.

  • Assembly Tooling Design
    • DFA
    • FMEA
    • Lean Assembly Facilitation
    • Ergonomic and Safety Facilitation
  • Complex Assembly Process Flow Development
    • Integrated ERP System Assembly Support
    • Lean Assembly Techniques
    • Single Piece Flow
    • Shadow Boards
    • Visual Work Instructions
    • KanBan Systems